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Wednesday, August 15, 2007



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Just do what Fox did in the states, post 911.. manipulate the people's fear.

X is the owner of bus company A. Company A driver messes up on the road, both the driver and Mr X gets jailtime.. with the period for Mr X doubled perhaps? As he should be responsible for any of his company's mishaps.

It is the way things should be anyway.

But you gotta really walk the walk. Throw the bugger into the cell no matter how many politicians he know.

Put fear at the top of thy hierarchy and the whole organization shalt not f**k up. (lemme know if you don't mind profanities around here BTW)

My .02.


the gang here in PG was just talking about this incident and the 'black box' thing and lamenting that nothing ever gets done to right the wrongs. all the committees that are formed to do things never have any good implementations.

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