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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Group II Chick

Hi Haza.. I selalu tengok you masa induction aritu. Boleh berkenalan? You ni seksi la bila main badminton.. lagi lagi bila you smash tak kena shuttle bwahahaha..


And now they sell pirated copies of the book too....about RM20 cheaper than those at tesco and carrefour.

I'm not in the rush to get one. I'll wait till the price is "right".


I hope you're new life and job is bringing new and cool adventures. Haza... I tagged you. If you've done the random things about me exercise already feel free ignore this and just send me a link to your post.


actually i think hypermarket may sell at cost or sell at lost....this is a basic trick for them to attract high chance they will shop there for grocery too

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