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Thursday, February 22, 2007



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well. most of the malaysians foods are either too sweet or deep fried. it's not really safe either

Mc Leong

Prince Charles has this to say about McD food -


Very well said Haza. I love the graphic that you made on top. And no, banning ciggie ads has not curb people from smoking. Nor has the yearly increase in price. We should ban ciggies altogether. (What am I saying? I smoke ciggies!). But then the government would lose out on billions in tax money from all sorts of avenues (tobacco farmers, companies, smokers..)

All that said and done we need to have a pradigm shift for the mindset of leaders.

I don't mean to be disrespectful to the elderly but our leaders are old, and do not have the vision to see the country into the future. I mean, this planned ban is just ridiculous.

We need young blood. And I mean YOUNG blood not Pemuda = 40 year old farts. (I hope I can say fart on your blog:D)


I agree. Another suggestion could be to encourage hawkers to advertise their food as the healthier choice - i.e. less use of transfat, use of lean meats, healthier way of cooking etc. This should go hand in hand with education campaigns ala Jamie Oliver, starting with schools and working up to adults.

Imagine if there is a 50% premium of McD, as it is now, it's not that cheap compared to warung food, and yet people still go. We Malaysians might even see it as a status symbol, to be able to patronise McDonalds even if a burger ends up costing RM20. No real effect there, except that extra money goes into the government's pocket, which ideally should be used to beef up our health care system, which is already bursting at the seams...

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