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Monday, September 12, 2005


Sharizal Shaarani

thnks for the well wishes bro, im ok but healing is slow! well more time to spend with a potential gf perhaps? ;)


Limtat; thanks for pointing out the errors. I'll do the necessary updates. Sayeed; Yeah! Apparently, it is not a good idea to blog after ping-pong and high dose of caramel. I learn my lesson!


Was in Penang last weekend and guess what?? I checked out the new Starbucks outlet at e-gate. My first visit to Starbucks in 3 months, the last was in Ginza & Okachimachi. Correction...the flooring is not's laminated flooring (Pergo?? type).


No man...he is getting the grammer error due to the ping pong games....too much of ping ponging english...penglish...ponglish...pinglish....


Good one...wonder why tennis got in the way of Ping Pong ??


What's up buddy? Your current posting is littered with spelling & grammatical error...getting over-excited over the new starbucks outlet at e-gate or too much caramel in your coffee? They don't have spellcheck feature on the blogs?

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