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Friday, September 16, 2005


Don Ferguson

Alright, I'll bite. What's the Ying & Yang principle, and how does it apply to table tennis?


hahaha --- Ya! Lacoste is everywhere in tennis! now Polo is making its way into tennis as they sponsored the US Open. Polo online store has a special section on tennis! Anyway, Maria just lost to Venus Williams in an exhibition game leading to China Open.

Me in the tennis association? Wait till they start to manage sports professionally here!


Good for you, buddy! I hope after this you run for an influential post in our national tennis association...rather than having politicians who know nuts about tennis at the helm. I once had someone hooked on tennis just by my tennis attire...the Lacoste polo mesh & fred perry tee. Now tennis attire are somewhat outrageous, dont you think, but luckily there's beautiful Maria to save the day ;) In KL, working out in the gym after work is the craze lately, but those guys dont know the joy of sweating it out on the tennis courts. Maybe I'll see you in the Wimbledon senior tournament one fine day...hehe


You've found YOUR ideal workout regime. Feels damn good when you let your body move right? :D

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