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Sunday, October 05, 2003


calvin leong

I am long stay guest with berjaya times square. was very dissapoited to the Debenhams department store for buying goods. Today 12 Jun 2005 11.36am, buying birthday gifts at toys section, surprisingly the promoter told me IM SO SORRY I DONT KNOW... with all question that i ask, and she turn back on what she is doing. NO one bother me at all while looking for something speacial as birthday gifts. about 10 mins later i approached the sales promoter again and i told her i want this product called lumi pad it cost me RM 398.90 and question her can i try and she jus ignore me keep quiet and just turn around to look for charger for me to try the product and i was so impatient then i told her i wan to buy this and where should i pay she just pointing the particular areas and turn back for her owned work. as the cashier told me she is new and proceed to 2nd floor for the battery but unfortunately the 2nd floor supervisor was no idea what battery should this LUMI PAD used and hold me for 15 mins by the time im actually rushing for flight to spore and i did told him but no anwser was provide to me ...... surprise was i asked for screw driver and he just dump it on the table and turn off. afterall i unscrew the LUMI PAD battery compartment and ask him now do you know wat battery should i used, the anwser was IM SO SORRY SIR WE DO NOT SELL THIS BATTERY. It was so upsad to buy things from the debenhams department store.

Nizam Zakaria

I went to Berjaya Times Square. Was very dissapointed with the place. It's an overglorified IOI Mall, so I might as well stick to IOI Mall.

I think I'll only head there to watch the Imax shows. I love Imax... when I was an A-level student in Singapore, I've never missed the shows shown in the Singapore Science Centre :)

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