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Monday, September 08, 2003



Yes, I agree with you and of course Messrs Nonaka & Takeuchi. The OpenCourseWare is passive, and one way. But i believe the reason for OpenCourseWare is to create a venue to share knowledge, like a library. It is not to be the ONLY source of knowledge or, as explained in OCW website, a degree course or an MIT education.

For students, it could be a venue for them to conduct research and compare lecture notes. (I bet the lecturer is gonna be furious when a student rebutt his/her notes, "But Prof. X from MIT said...") :D

For me, i find it useful to enhance my general knowledge. It's like watching Discovery Channel. You learn something new everyday. :)
Then again, in no way can i be a rocket scientist or a neuro surgeon by just taking notes from OCW.


My opinion is that one of the reasons 3+0 programs were created to achieve one target - have students with degrees ready in the job market pool should there be a need for them. The problem with 3+0 degrees is that there is learning going on, but no real education process. You tend to skip the 'learning about life' bit in the pursuit of pressing the fast forward button and getting a degree.

Imagine getting a degree from an institution you have never really been too. Imagine belonging to an alumni association of a place you have never seen. How much life's experience is lost there? What about the growing up bit.. the finding yourself bit?

Then again, for most people, there isn't much of a choice, is there? It's that piece of paper or bust.

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