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Tuesday, September 23, 2003



Dear Tammi, Thank you for pointing out to a serious mistake in the entry. I have
updated the director's name. Again, thanks.


Just a small correction, James Berardinelli is a film critic, the director and writer of the movie was actually an italian by the name of Guiseppe Tornatore. :)


Either Time magazine or Newsweek recently did a series of photo essays
of fellow Asians who have migrated to America or the Europea and trace
their hometown back in their land/ancestor's land. It was interesting. But,
there wasn't anybody from Malaysia.

Haven't seen The Road Home here.


Yup, it's the same Cinema Paradiso; brilliant film! No one should miss it.

I must admit, the ending is a bit vague to me considering it was nearly 10 years ago I viewed this piece. The 'bonus'[ending] that was not in the earlier 1988 American version has been added into this new release. I saw the original Italian version then, with English sub which includes the Elena meeting, I think. Highly recommended...

Also see 'The Road Home', featured Zhang ZiYi.... playing with similar emotions of reminiscent about childhood and love, thinking/going back to places and people one hasn't seen for decades.


I think we are talking about the same movie. Probably the difference is that the version
I just saw from a lent DVD from a friend who offered me the DVD
after reading the entry on blog, is the director's cut. I spent 3 hours and 20 minutes
watching it.

Someone just wrote to me that the original didn't tell you what happened
to Elena. Probably explain the review I read on that the girl
left Salvatore (Toto) forever. In the director's cut, they met!

Does this fit the description from what you saw in 1994?


I saw Cinema Paradiso in this a new one you're talking about, or the same? Sounds similar....


where did u watch it?


Cinema Paradiso is a brilliant movie... 4 thumbs up!

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