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Thursday, September 18, 2003



saya seorang pelajar yg sdg mengkaji mngenai usahawan yang berjaya di malaysia.boleh x anda menghantar kepada alamat e-mel saya mengenai(bahasa melayu):
*nama lengkap
*jenis perniagaan
*pengalaman berniaga
*latar belakang
*cara mengatasi cabaran


Oh My God...u love degree is in stats..but frankly i tak suka. i love operational research. sayang kat malaysia, this subject is not popular.



This book doesn't go to the extent on technicality, but rather useful for stats analysis,
particularly to that matters to organization - communication, insights, trends of your customers,
and how to use all that for the company. Maybe, we can suggest Mr. Harrington to write one
on the technical part of statistics.


Haxa, Is this book any good as a referecen for statistical tests? As in, if I wanted to carry out a test and wasn't quite sure what test, parametric or non-parametric, to use, would the book be a good source of information for that kinda thing?


your favorite subject is statistics and probability?
Good for you!

I am basically a sucker in Maths and especially in Quantitative Analysis!
And now I am in dire need of the skills ~

I failed QA in my studies. now that you were saying Statistics is something easy..
Can I borrow that book in the future? :P

I have another interesting Stats book on the shelf - but that's where it is now -
almost permanently :P

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