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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Event | 6th E-Learning Practitioners Forum - Learning from The [email protected] Federation.

From the Singapore E-Learning Competency Center website
Date: 14th November 2003, Friday
Time: 1430hr-1700hr
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4, Level 1, Block 7,
National Institute of Education,
1 Nanyang Walk,
Singapore 637616

Invitation to E-Learning Practitioners Forum - Learning from The [email protected] Federation

1400hr - 1430hr Registration
1430hr - 1530hr Presentation on The [email protected] Federation Initiative Susan Atkin, Manager, Educational Design and Quality Assurance
The Learning Federation Schools Online Curriculum Content Initiative
1530hr - 1600hr Tea Break
1600hr - 1700hr Question and Answer

About the Presentation:
The [email protected] Federation is an initiative of State and Federal governments of Australia and New Zealand. Over the period 2001-2006 the Initiative aims to develop online interactive curriculum content specifically for Australian and New Zealand schools. The Initiative will support teachers in enhancing student learning thereby greatly improving educational outcomes for students.

The presentation will provide an overview of the project including the approach of the initiative to learning object based content development and the development of systems for the input and delivery of high quality curriculum online by a range of approved content developers to an agreed set of specifications. Susan will focus at the forum on strategies and processes adopted to support the distributed development of high quality online content.

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